Create: A Hole Lotta Egg

The recipe for “A Hole Lotta Egg” originates from morning cookouts at my childhood sleep-away camp in the Berkshires, Camp Ramah. On more than one occasion, there were more campers than food, so, my counselors would cut out a hole in each piece of bread, and fill each hole with an egg. They would use the leftover bread to create an egg scramble, so that there was enough food to go around the camp fire. I thought I would bring this cherished camp memory and create a healthier version of the camp cookout. In my recipe, the key piece of advice is to toast the bread before you place it in the skillet so that the bread does not get soggy when you pour the egg in the hole. Also, my leaner version uses egg whites, juicy Jersey tomatoes, and flavorful low-fat feta cheese.

Goat Cheese Egg







Recipe for A Hole Lotta Egg:

(serves 1)
1 slice whole wheat bread
3 egg whites
1 tablespoon skim milk
1/2 cup low-fat Feta cheese
1 medium tomato
4 basil leaves
salt and ground pepper
Nonstick cooking spray


Cut out the center from slice of bread with cookie cutter, glass, or tear out the center with your hands. Toss the middle (or save to use as bread crumbs) and toast the the bread. Warm a skillet under medium high heat and then spray with nonfat cooking spray. Place the toasted slice of bread in skillet. Separate 3 egg whites out and place in bowl. Mix the egg whites with the milk and season with salt and ground pepper. Carefully slip egg white mixture into the hole and drizzle any access egg mixture around the crust of the bread. Sprinkle with more salt and pepper. Cook egg until egg is set. Turn with spatula. Add the feta cheese at the last minute, so the cheese is hot but not melted. Slice the tomato. Finally, top the open-faced egg sandwich with the sliced tomato and fresh basil leaves. Enjoy!


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