Elyse’s Favorite Eats: Fresh Ginger-Fruit Salad


Restaurant salads typically come drenched in creamy dressings and piled high with buttery croutons. While I love my ranch and crunchy topping, an unhealthy salad can pack more calories than a brownie sundae. But there is a light and delicious alternative– sweet ginger-fruit dressing. Last night, I treated my tastebuds to this Japanese favorite served over a salad of fresh greens at Kouzan, one of my favorite sushi restaurants on the Upper West Side. The dressing’s bold flavors and bright colors made for a healthy and delectable start to my meal!


Stay tuned! Later in the week I’m going to get chopping and share my version of carrot-ginger dressing drizzled over romaine, tomatoes, shaved carrots and toasted black sesame seeds. In the meantime, get dressing and write back with your favorite healthy toppers?


One response to “Elyse’s Favorite Eats: Fresh Ginger-Fruit Salad

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