Countdown at Whole Foods Market, New Food Stuffs Tried #104

Beans, beans, good for your heart….Well, I know how the rhyme ends which is why I choose not to eat them. As Whole Foods politely puts it in their Buying in Bulk guide, the oligosaccharides in the beans cause flatulence….that seems like a good enough reason to forgo a resolution, but


the guide also says some beans are easier to digest than others– the rule is that the sweeter the bean, the easier it is to digest. Standing before the bean bulk aisle in Whole Foods I pretend I’m a kid in a candy shop looking for the sweetest delight. There’s cranberry beans, fava beans, mung beans, black beans…I decide on the Adzuki bean. It’s supposed to be easier on your body and I like the way it sounds…Adzukkkkkki!

Adzuki Beans
The Verdict:

Appearance: small, reddish-brown with a white line along one side– quite pretty, would even go so far as to say decorative
Flavor: sweet, nutty flavor
Texture: similar to other beans
Cost: low in cost ($1.79lb) paying for a label and it’s better for the rest of the world because you are not wasting packaging
Health: lower in fat and easier to digest than most beans, high in fiber, iron and folic acid
Preparation: this product loses two points in time and labor — soak the beans (5 hrs or overnight) and cook the beans (45 – 50 min), that is unless you have a pressure cooker
Recommendation: Try the perfect pair– rice and beans cooked in vegetable stock, with sauteed scallions, mushrooms, and golden raisins (stay tuned today for this perfect Sunday night dinner recipe ).
My Resolution Stats: 2 new food stuff tried, 103 more to go
Final Verdict: I recommend this product for those who are looking for an economical health food. If you don’t eat beans often, I don’t recommend trying these before you go out on a first date, second date, or any date for that matter– they are better than soybeans and chickpeas for digestion, but they are still beans…



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