New Food Stuffs Tried at Whole Foods Market, #102

My absolute favorite frozen fruit pops– Edy’s Strawberry Fruit Bars– turns out, are not healthy at all. With all of my increased attention to creative delites, I decided to check the ingredients (not just the nutrition label). While the bars do have chunks of real strawberry, I discovered that the incredible strawberry-burst flavor comes from lots of sugar and a bunch of other ingredients I’ve never heard of. Let’s see if WFM has a frozen treat that actually lives up to its name… the ranking goes 1 to 10 (10 being the best)

365 Everyday Value Frozen Fruit Bars


Appearance: forget a generous portion, these bars are HUGE; natural red sheen; rectangular
Flavor: perfect balance of sweet and tart
Texture: creamy with fresh strawberry pieces all the way through. Not to sound greedy, but the bars lose a point for not having more/ bigger pieces of strawberry
Cost: well worth $2.69 per box (4 bars)
Health: unlike other bars 365 is good for your health and your waste-line — zero fat and only 110 calories per serving; all natural, no preservatives
Recommendation: the bars come in a variety of flavors, including mango, tropical, and lime. The strawberry is by far the best flavor. Close second, mango.
Resolution Stats: 4 new food stuffs tried, 101 more to go
Final Verdict: I could eat these bars every day (even during a snowstorm). They taste too good to be good for you– the kind of dessert that’s easy for everyone to like!


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