New Food Stuffs Tried at Whole Foods Market: # 100


I loved the food in Greece and particularly the way the tavernas served rich, creamy yogurt for dessert with honey and walnuts. When I returned to New York, I resorted to the runny grocery store brands. The rich, creamy Greek-style yogurt was, of course, too expensive and I couldn’t find it in my local supermarket. But recently I noticed the popular FAGE Greek-style yogurt was on sale at WFM, so I decided to put it up to the Creative Delites taste-test, 1 to 10 ( 10 being the best).


FAGE Greek Yogurt (Fat-Free Plain)
Verdict: 7

Appearance: the single-serving size has a compartment of yogurt and a side compartment of honey or pureed fruit, including cherry, peach and strawberry. Since I wanted enough yogurt to cook with and have for breakfast, I got the big 17oz container (pictured above), which doesn’t come with honey or fruit.
Flavor: The plain yogurt loses a few points because it is too sour for my taste to eat solo, like eating unsweetened custard. If you like a little sweet, go for the single-serving sizes with little side compartments of honey or add your own sweets
Texture: the straining process gives the yogurt its lovely rich, thick consistency
Cost: about $1.90 for 6 ounces and $3 for two 6-ounce containers on sale now at WFM
Health: no additives, no sweeteners, no preservatives– nothing but skim milk and live cultures. Fage Total 0% (per ounce): 15 calories (that’s only 90 calories for the single-serving size), 0 grams fat, 1 gram sugar, 2.5 grams protein, 3 percent of daily calcium requirements.
Recommendation: a spoonful of good honey goes great with the plain yogurt because the honey’s sweetness helps round out the yogurt’s tart flavor. Top with some toasted walnuts or crunchy granola.


As you can see from my photo, I made the mistake of stirring in the honey. Mixing in honey or fruit waters down and ruins the yogurt’s velvety texture. Simply spoon the honey on top or drizzle it over the yogurt. I also recommend it in place of cream or mayonnaise in recipes that you want to lighten up.
Resolution Stats: 6 new food stuffs tried, 99 more to go
Final Verdict: I don’t recommend the plain fat-free yogurt solo. I do recommend the plain yogurt for dieters who are looking for a high protein, low sugar breakfast. I recommend to everyone for cooking– the yogurt is a great in place of cream or mayonnaise for salads, dips, and soups. Check back later for my version of Waldorf Salad with Greek-style yogurt.


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