Weekend in Toronto, Food Favorites with Friends


photo credit: David Prince


photo credit: david prince

David and I spent this past weekend in Toronto. We stayed with friends Carly and Mike Telpner who showed us great food and introduced us to their wonderful family and friends. I thought you’d be interested in reading about our eating highlights ( I apologize for the lack of photos. I was enjoying the company and food too much to stop and snap.)

Friday Night Dinner:

Carly and Michael made us a delicious home cooked meal, including grilled organic burgers in toasted whole wheat pitas, oven baked potato and sweet potato wedges, florets of cauliflower tossed with fresh garlic, and a beautiful beet salad. After a long 9 hour drive, it was the perfect welcome dinner.


Saturday Afternoon Linner:

We enjoyed a delightful meal between lunch and dinner at a popular vegetarian cafe in downtown Toronto known for it’s fresh, organic, and tasty food– appropriately named Fresh. I ordered the soup, salad combo with toasted organic whole wheat pita. The Sicilian Tomato Soup with white beans, pesto and spinach was out of this world. The tasty recipe included, onions, garlic, potatoes, red wine, tomato paste, pesto (with pine nuts and sunflower seeds), crushed tomatoes, white kidney beans, spinach, canola oil, and vegetable stock– couldn’t be better on brisk day! I didn’t even mind the long wait for our table– it was great to see people taking pleasure in eating healthy!

Saturday Night Tapas:

Michael and Carly took us to one of their favorite restaurants– a Chinese tapas restaurant called Lee. We ordered a bunch of flavorful sharing plates, and by far the group’s favorite was the Singaporean style slaw. The waitress brought over a total of 3 slaws for the table and listed the slew of ingredients (I didn’t catch them all), but I did get that the dish included taro, carrots, jicama, tomatoes, fried shallots, daikon, cilantro, and a bunch of other salty, sweet, crunchy, yummy ingredients. Apparently, the restaurant’s acclaimed chef Susur Lee opened up a trendy eatery in NYC’s Lower East Side called Shang. So, you may not have to travel all the way to Canada for his marvelous slaw!

Sunday Morning Brunch:

Before getting back on the road and saying our goodbyes, we all enjoyed a laid back brunch at Homeway.
I loved the gracious service and light, airy atmosphere. The free limitless coffee was an extra bonus. I ordered two poached eggs, some fresh greens with poppy seed dressing, whole wheat toast and a small fruit salad. Left feeling healthy and satisfied.

Great friends, great food! Thanks Mike and Carly for a terrific weekend!


2 responses to “Weekend in Toronto, Food Favorites with Friends

  1. When I visited Toronto over three years ago, I tried out “Fresh” too…part of our veggie food tour. It was yummy! I’m glad to hear they are still in business.

    • They have 3 in downtown Toronto and there was a very long wait at about 3 in the afternoon– so it looks like they are doing very well!

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