New Food Stuffs Tried at Whole Foods Market, # 98


I love Häagen-Dazs Mango Sorbet because it’s rich and creamy. In fact, I love it so much I can easily indulge in a full pint. I’ve been looking for a single serving size, a sorbet bar, that has the same melt in your mouth consistency. I saw a new addition to the frozen food section at WFM– Julie’s Organic Sorbet Bars. I tried them last night and they are delicious! But there is one big problem: Julie’s bars are ridiculously expensive. I’ve found some terrific deals at WFM, but these bars are the reason Whole Foods has the “Whole Paycheck” image. As far as the complete ranking goes, let’s put it to the test, 1 to 10 (10 being the best).

Julie’s Organic Blackberry Sorbet Bars
Verdict: 2


Appearance: a rich maroon color; perfect size for a snack, too small for a dessert
Texture: loved the silky-smooth and creamy texture, but not as substantial as other sorbet bars
Flavor: tastes like real, natural blackberries; also comes in Mandarin flavor that is not as decadent
Cost: I would have rated the bars a 9, but for the cost, and a sale price no less–2 boxes on for a whopping $9, that’s $3.50 per box (4 small bars)
Health: dairy-free, fat-free, only 60 calories per bar; made with real organic fruit
Recommendation: try making a refreshing smoothie with a blackberry sorbet bar, pomegranate juice, a handful of strawberries, sliced banana, and some crushed ice or a sorbet sandwich with a blackberry sorbet bar sandwiched between two slices of chocolate angel food cake (ha, remember to remove the stick)
Resolution Stats: 8 new food stuffs tried, 97 more to go
Final Verdict: It’s a healthy alternative to ice cream, but you are better off making your own blackberry sorbet and saving your money for the next WFM taste-test


2 responses to “New Food Stuffs Tried at Whole Foods Market, # 98

  1. It’s funny that so-called health foods / expensive processed foods, never state that their product is full of sugar – instead they call the ingredient: ‘organic evaporated cane juice’!!
    Evaporate the cane juice – what are you left with? Ok, it may not have undergone the processing of refined sugar, but it still has an adverse reaction inside the body. So, better still, eat a bowl of blackberries.

  2. Thanks for the interpretation. So, all that sugar is probably why the bars taste so good. I just posted the ingredients and nutrition facts so everyone can see…

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