Get Out of Pinkberry, Create Your Own Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Flavors


My brother Daniel knows how much I love frozen yogurt and sorbet. So, he bought me a Cuisinart Ice Cream-Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker for my birthday. I love that I can control the ingredients– lots of strawberry sauce swirls and dark chocolate chunks. I love that I can make my frozen treats healthy– no chemicals or preservatives. Most of all, I love how inexpensive and easy it is to make– just two or three simple ingredients, like a fruit puree and sugar. I’m already planning recipe after recipe, such as honey frozen yogurt, s’more frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbles, and a mango sorbet served over sticky rice. But for the first batch, I’m going to try a simple, creamy banana sorbet. I’ve only tried the the classic sorbet favors– lemon, lime, raspberry, and orange– so, I’m really looking forward to experimenting with different flavor combinations. Stay tuned this week for the finished product….In the meantime, let me know your favorite ice cream/sorbet/frozen yogurt flavor?


4 responses to “Get Out of Pinkberry, Create Your Own Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Flavors

  1. Yum….coffee flavored….(inspired by six months with new baby w/o sleep!)

    • Next time you are in NYC, I’ll make you some homemade coffee ice cream. I forgot to include my favorite– it’s mint chip ( real mint flavor, lots of chips)!

  2. Mario and I just made red raspberry sorbet while he visited. I have a similar machine by cuisinart and we took full advantage of it! Mario knows some great simple sorbet and ice cream recipes to follow and also rules for making nearly any flavor. So we’re gonna be more inventive next time! But the red raspberry sorbet was delicious!!

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