New Food Stuffs Tried At Whole Foods Market, # 95 Roasted Vegetable Pizza

In a city that’s known for its pizza, a frozen pie is a tough sell. But there are definitely some store-bought brands that are worth an enthusiastic dinner bell! To satisfy my craving for pizza, I tried a nutritious frozen roasted vegetable pizza from Whole Foods Market, UWS. While the pizza has no cheese, it is loaded with other tasty toppings of sweet onion sauce, layered roasted artichokes, shitake mushrooms, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Since I’m not a big fan of roasted vegetable sandwiches that are often served at corporate lunches– you know, the standard option for vegetarians–this roasted vegetable pizza was a pleasant surprise. Check out the rest of my review– the rating goes 1 to 10 (10 being the best).


365 Everyday Value Roasted Vegetable Pizza
Verdict: 7


Appearance: Generous topping of colorful veggies; thin crust; medium sized pie — the box says serves 3, but only if you are having a slice for a snack. Otherwise, dinner or lunch, the pizza serves 1, and possibly a taste for a good friend.


Flavor: Great blend of vegetable toppings; tasty, the sauce has a sweet onion flavor; bland bottom
Texture: light, crispy crust; soft in the middle and on top
Health: For those watching what they eat for dinner, this one has much less fat than the classic cheese pizza, but it is higher in calories than other veggie pies; Per serving, 1/3 pizza: 4g fat; 0.5g saturated fat; 220 calories; vegetarian; dairy free
Cost: $4.99 at WFM, 11.6 oz., says it “serves 3”
Recommendation: I always use a pizza stone to give the crust extra crunch. And for all the cheese heads out there, I recommend adding your own fresh cheese, and that way you avoid freezer burn. I like to add my own mixture of fresh ricotta and parmesan, topped with fresh basil, the pizza tastes and looks homemade. Serve with soup or a fresh, garden salad.
Resoultion Stats: 11 new food stuffs tried, 94 more to go
Final Verdict: If you like cheese, you will not be pleased with this pizza. If you are open to alternative toppings and looking for a pizza that is lower in fat– I highly recommend this brand for a quick, easy meal.


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