Create: Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) with Romesco Sauce

Recipe for Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce is a Spanish favorite. Roasted peppers are combined with ground almonds, hazelnuts, olive oil and vinegar to make a smooth, rich sauce.

Yield: 2 1/2 cups


4 Medium-size ripe tomatoes, Cored (1.75 lb total)
1 Head Garlic, Sliced in half crosswise
1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 1/2 ounces Blanched Almonds, (1/4 cup)
1 1/4 ounces Peeled Hazelnuts, (1/4 cup)
1 Dried Ancho Chile, Cored, seeded, slit, and opened so it lies fairly flat
1 teaspoon Kosher Salt, To Taste
3 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
2 tablespoons Red Wine
1 slice Stale White Bread, Torn, if needed


1.  Heat the oven to 375°F. Put the tomatoes and one half of the garlic head in a baking pan. Drizzle about 1 Tbs. of the olive oil into the cored tomato wells and on top of the garlic half. Roast until the tomatoes and garlic are well caramelized but not burnt, about 90 minutes. From the remaining half head of garlic, coarsely chop 1 Tbs. garlic and put it in a food processor.

2. While the tomatoes roast, heat about 1 Tbs. of the olive oil in a small sauté pan over medium heat. Toast the almonds and hazelnuts in the pan, shaking the pan or stirring so they don’t burn, until golden brown, 5 to 6 minutes. Cool the nuts on a paper towel and then put them in the food processor.

3.  If using a dried chile, sear it in the same small pan over medium-high heat (keep it flat with a spatula or a fork) until a smoke wisp appears, about 10 seconds per side. Soak it in 1 cup hot tap water until soft, about 15 minutes. Drain and put the chile in the food processor.

4.  When the tomatoes and garlic are caramelized, let them cool. Pinch off the tomato skins (discard them) and squeeze out the garlic pulp. Put the tomatoes and garlic pulp in the processor. Add the salt and start the processor, pouring in the remaining 1/3 cup olive oil in a slow, steady stream, as if making mayonnaise. Add the vinegar, pulse to incorporate, and taste; the sauce should have some zing, so add more if needed. Add salt to taste. Process the romesco until it comes together as a sauce but not so much as to lose its coarse, nutty texture. The sauce should be thick and creamy. If it seems too thick, add 1 or 2 Tbs. red wine. If it’s too thin, add bread, pulsing a few more times.


The Spanish tortilla is a ubiquitous dish that can be eaten at any time of day or night. When properly done, it should be creamy on the inside and done on the edges. It is best savored a few hours after making it when it is at room temperature.

Recipe by: The International Culinary Center

Prep time:  15
MAKES 12 servings


8 large eggs
Salt, to taste
Olive oil
6 large potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
1 Large Spanish onion, peeled and thinly sliced


1. Break the eggs into a bowl, season with salt, and beat the eggs with a fork without aerating them. Set aside.
2. Heat approximately 11/2 T of the oil in a 9-inch sauté pan. Add the onion and sauté it over medium head until soft and golden. Season lightly and, with the aid of a slotted spoon, remove the onion to the bowl with the eggs.
3. Add more oil to the pan and heat until almost smoking. Add enough potatoes to cover the bottom of the pan. Cook the potatoes, turning them occasionally, until they are golden and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Season lightly before removing them from the pan.
4. Drain the potatoes, reserving the oil, and add them to the bowl with the other ingredients. Make sure the vegetables are covered with the eggs, and let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Place the pan back over a medium heat, and heat oil until it almost smokes. Pour in the eggs and begin to shake the pan immediately to ensure the product does not stick. Reduce the heat and cook for about 3 minutes until the bottom is golden.
6. Invert the mixture onto a plate and set aside.
7. Return the pan to the heat and add more oil. When hot, slip the mixture back in the pan and continue to cook over low heat until the bottom is golden and the entire tortilla is still somewhat soft in the interior.


3 responses to “Create: Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) with Romesco Sauce

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  3. Shoshana Eisenberg

    I never thought of using the smaller peppers that way. Looks so colorful and delicious…what a great idea!

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