How to Get Chopping in a Small NYC Kitchen

David and I love to cook, and it has been a really good year for getting everything we need, from a handy salad spinner to a beautiful All-Clad saute pan!  There’s only one problem–our kitchen (which is bigger than most others in New York) is already maxed out and we only just got engaged! We realized there’s no room for a fancy food processor….

….And from this wisdom, my friend Lizzy suggested that we offer our top picks on Creative Delites, for all the New Yorkers who want to make the most of their bad kitchens.

So, what is our must-have?

The Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender ($49.95). It’s compact and practical. You can chop, blend, prep, whip, measure, mix–  the list of cooking verbs goes on– with just one appliance! My favorite part: the chopper attachment. I use a lot of vegetables in my cooking, particularly onions and red peppers, but I don’t like chopping. For salads and soups, this gadget is the perfect solution!




Check back later this week. Trying out the immersion blender to make homemade apple sauce and latkes for Chanukah.


2 responses to “How to Get Chopping in a Small NYC Kitchen

  1. Isn’t it the best? And so easy to clean. Remains my most used kitchen appliance.

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