UWS Restaurant Ozen Offers Asian-Style Everything

Japanese food is naturally healthy if you stick to the tofu, vegetables, seaweed and fish. If you go for the specialty sushi rolls with battered deep-fried fish, crunchy tempura toppings, and mayo — well, delicious, but not so healthy. I like the Asian Fusion Restaurant Ozen (760 Amsterdam Avenue at 97th Street) because their sushi comes in both forms, and if you are not in the mood for sushi, there’s also a vast selection of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

These are my favorite healthy choices that you can find (or ask for) at most Japanese Restaurants:

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings. ($4.95)

These are your standard steamed dumplings, Asian style. Spinach moon-shaped dumplings filled with bean threads and vegetables, served with a simple soy dipping sauce.

Naruto Roll Cucumber Wrapped ($9.95)

No rice. The centerpiece is the tuna and sliced avocado, wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber, garnished with pickled ginger. The cucumber makes for good-looking sushi rolls– if you are thinking possible party dish.


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