Sunday, Dec. 6:    This Week’s Healthy Eats How To…..

(Answering Your Food Questions– How to tell when fruit is ripe? How to tell if the packaged food is organic and/or locally produced? Etc.)

Monday, Dec. 7:    New Food Stuffs Tried at Whole Foods Market

(Taste Testing new food products from Whole Foods Market)

Tuesday, Dec. 8:   Delites of the UWS

(Exploring the restaurants, chefs, recipes, menus, and markets of NYC’s Unofficial Neighboorhood Dining Destintion….The Upper West Side)

Wednesday, Dec. 9:    Restaurant Inspired Creations

(Creating recipes inspired by Tuesday’s adventure in and around the UWS)

Thursday, Dec. 10:   Creative Delites Day Off

(Off eating something unhealthy, not on the Upper West Side, ha, and not writing a word about it)

Friday, Dec. 11:    Farmer’s Market Mornings /  Friday Night Cooking Parties

(Visiting the Greenmarket,  finding out the best local produce for December. Note: The next Friday Night Cooking Party is in the works, so stay posted…)

Saturday, Dec. 12:   Out & About

(Engaging Upper West Siders and finding out their favorite and not so favorite healthy eats)


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