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Maoz Vegetarian; Turn to the Chain for the Best Falafel on the UWS

You would think that the UWS neighborhood, home to a large Jewish community, would have lots of great, local falafel joints. But I have yet to find better chickpea fritters than at Maoz Vegetarian— the international veggie falafel chain, located on 70th and Amsterdam. For just $4.95 you can get a falafel sandwich with your choice of tasty toppings and sauces from their– the best part— do-it-yourself salad bar. Their falafel has the perfect balance of cilantro and parseley and is fried to perfection in heart-friendly canola oil. For more flavor– dress your sandwich with the classics, tabouli salad, hummus and tahini sauce, and add some spicy hot green chili dressing for heat. Stay tuned for a Creative Delites do-it-all-yourself falafel sandwich recipe!


Dine on Delicious Dosas at Hampton Chutney Co. West Side

There are a number of terrific Indian restaurants in NYC, but when I’m in the mood for a light, healthy, inexpensive Indian snack– I always head to Hampton Chutney West Side (464 Amsterdam Ave.) for their addictive dosas and fresh chutneys. I also love that the restaurant posts their nutritional info– only 189 calories and 3 grams of fat per dosa.

I recommend the spiced potato masala dosa ($7.95) with the mango chutney.  If you’re not a fan of spicy Indian food, there are plenty of other nontraditional fillings, including roasted tomato, arugula, with jack cheese and grilled portobello mushroom, spinach and roasted onions, with goat cheese.

The dosas taste like delicate, flaky sourdough crepes. The dough is made with rice-and-lentil flour and baked until crisp.

Paper-thin and quite long– about the length of a large sub

Tasty vegetarian, spiced potato and onion filling

Freshly made mango chutney

No Need to Go Downtown for Sushi… UWS Tenzan Worth the Stay

Top pick for sushi on the UWS — Tenzan (285 Columbus Ave btw. 73rd & 74th St). The sushi chefs create beautiful and delicious rolls that are reasonably priced. One of my favorite items on the menu is the “Healthy Roll” (8 Pcs for $9.50). It’s a super-sized sushi roll with seaweed salad, crunch avocado (translation: slice avocado and fried panko crumbs), tiny pieces of apple, all wrapped in slices of sweet mango– an excellent blend of texture and flavor.

In terms of color and presentation, the photos speak for themselves…

Dark Chocolate Is a Beautiful Thing

As far as I know, there is no healthy substitute for chocolate (carob is good, but wouldn’t stand a chance in a taste test with chocolate). So I go for sheer enjoyment and look for the best quality that I can afford. I discovered that when I buy quality chocolate, I treasure it more, and actually eat less. With so many specialty markets and health food stores on NYC’s UWS, I never have a problem finding the “perfect” piece. A good rule of thumb for chocolate (for any food product) is to always read the label so you know exactly what you are getting. Make sure the chocolate contains real ingredients– no fillers, has a high cocoa content, 70 percent or greater, tastes rich, and has a low sugar content. Tonight I was craving something sweet and tart, so I went for a dark chocolate bar with tiny pieces of dried raspberries and another one loaded with chopped walnuts. A delightful way to bring in the new year!